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Revetec Holdings Limited (RHL) is an Australian based engine Research & Development company that designed a true six (6) stroke engine per revolution of main/centre drive line/shaft, a Revetec engine replaced the traditional crankshaft with a unique co-axial counter-rotating/contra-rotating trilobate design.


The centre drive shaft of a Revetec "Controlled Combustion Engine" (CCE) strokes each piston six (6) times per revolution (3 up, 3 down).  The Trilobate surfaces of a CCE can be ground to suit a particular Fuel, Power, Fixed or variable rev range, for a particular use.


Revetec pre-production Petrol engines created increase fuel efficiency over existing conventional engines by increasing bottom end mechanical efficiency, achieved higher total Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC) of 207g/kWh or 39.5% efficiency, independently tested by Orbital Australia and Peus Germany.


Revetec's first Hi-compression 18:1 prototype Diesel engine was manufactured and built by Revetec Turkey, during 2016 Revetec Australia is planning to design and build a 1000kW diesel generator engine, based on the Petrol BSFC results, indicates a 1000kWh GenSet engine would save approx. $85'000 per year in fuel savings if operated for five days a week and eight hours a day, compared to a conventional diesel engine of equal capacity.


Revetec is now seeking engine manufacturers to design, manufacture & build other capacity 'CCE' engines for alternative applications.

If you or your company is interested in manufacturing a specific capacity "CCE" engine, we now offer a simple licence agreement to manufacture our patented technology, licenses are tailor made to suit applicants needs.  ...read more on "Revetec licensing agreement". 


Revetec is currently design a lightweight (15kg), small capacity (160cc), 4 stroke engine, aimed at the un-certified Aviation (Powered Paragliding) industry, with expectations of entering the replacement engine market.


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