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Revetec Holdings Limited (RHL) is an Australian based engine Research & Development company that designed a true six (6) stroke engine per revolution of main/centre drive line/shaft, a Revetec engine replaced the traditional crankshaft with a unique co-axial counter-rotating/contra-rotating trilobate design.


The centre driveshaft of a Revetec "Controlled Combustion Engine" (CCE) strokes each piston six (6) times per revolution (3 up, 3 down).  The Trilobite surfaces of a CCE can be ground to suit a particular Fuel, Power, Fixed or variable rev range, for a particular use.


Revetec preproduction Petrol engines created increase fuel efficiency over existing conventional engines by increasing bottom end mechanical efficiency, achieved higher total Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC) of 207g/kWh or 39.5% efficiency, independently tested by Orbital Australia and Peus Germany.


Revetec's first Hi-compression 15:1 prototype Diesel engine was built by Revetec Turkey, whilst operating the engine produce very little smoke on cold starts without an exhaust, indicating full combustion that will lead to improved BSFC results.


Revetec is seeking licenced engine manufacturers to design, manufacture & build a 4 or 6 stroke, large capacity X8~X16 cylinder Diesel "CCE" engine for the Generator market.


If you or your company is interested in manufacturing a specific capacity "CCE" engine, we now offer a simple licence agreement to manufacture our patented technology, licenses are tailor made to suit applicants needs.  ...read more on "Revetec Licencing". 


Revetec is also looking to build a small capacity single or twin cylinder engine under 30kg, initially aimed at the un-certified wheeled powered Paragliding industry, with expectations of entering the replacement engine market.


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